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Sushi Ichizuke


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Edo-style Omakase by Chef Ryoichi Nakatani

Introduction to Edo-style Omakase

Originating in the 1880s in Edo (old Tokyo), this sushi style encompasses many characteristics which remained true to its tradition and roots. Edo-style sushi involves a form of curing the fish while keeping its raw texture, or introducing a cooking element to ensure preservation of the fish before serving.

About Chef Ryoichi Nakatani

Chef Ryoichi Nakatani has committed almost 30 years of his life to earn his mastery and praise to stand in front of the board as a Head Sushi Chef, a title that is not loosely awarded. For his time in the trade, Chef Nakatani spent the first 20 years at a restaurant in Tsukiji Fish Market before moving to Singapore as a Head Chef in various acclaimed sushi-ya.


On The Menu
Island-wide flat delivery fee at $20 for all orders 

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  • Take Home Edo-style Omakase
    $300 nett for two persons
    (pre-order of two days in advance required)
  • Premium Dons and Maki Rolls
    from $35 nett


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