Open Format, Big Room, House, Techno, Trance

Poparazzi (Zouk)
Transfix (Zouk)
Phuture Underground (Phuture)


The first female resident in Zouk’s DJ repertoire is Cherie Tan, known in the music circuit as Che’Molly. A self-professed dance music nerd and creature of the night, her love for nightlife is an affair that has blossomed since she came of age. Accumulating numerous experiences since, her career has seen her take on a long list of it-clubs and hotspots locally and regionally. Hand picked as the club’s first female resident for her versatility and adaptability, Che’Molly is well-versed in multiple genres of dance music from Big Room EDM, to her personal favourite, the underground sounds of House and Techno.

Defiant against gender stereotypes and eager to be in the front line to represent female talents, Che’Molly is always ready to awe the floor with her adept, crowd reading skills. Driven by the aim of creating euphoric experiences on the dance floor and to spread her brand of music, Che’Molly’s tour de force certainly keeps all eyes peeled and ears rapt at Zouk Singapore.