Zouk Canned Cocktails

Introducing Zouk’s first ever line of canned cocktails that comes in 3 refreshing flavors, Yuzu Blossom, Bourbon Pineapple and Guava Fizz. Infused with the goodness of real fruit juice together with an alcoholic content of 7%, it boosts hints of natural flavors. Specially curated by Zouk’s Bar Team, the canned cocktails are ready to be consumed for any occasion, being the perfect statement of portability and convenience. Whether as a drink with friends or as a stay home tipple, you can trust each sip will deliver the perfect level of buzz to leave you reaching for a refill.

The perfect drink on the go.

Yuzu Blossom

330ml, 7% ABV

Inspired by the classic Gimlet, Yuzu Blossom takes on an Asian twist with Yuzu juice and Gin. Thaddition of the exotic and fragrant Orange Blossom Water eases the Yuzu’s citrusy flavor on your palate. This drink is the perfect invigorating companion on a warm night to help you loosen up after a long day.


Carbonated water, glucose syrup, gin, yuzu juice, sodium benzoate, sea salt flakes, orange blossom water

Guava Fizz

330ml, 7% ABV

The Guava Fizz is an innovative twist to Zouk’s iconic crowd favorite Long Island Iced Tea. A complementary on-the-go drink for a sunny day, the crisp soda fizz and the guava’s tartness in this concoction delivers a wave of refreshing vibrancy to its taste. Feel the rich texture of Guava on your tastebuds with this rejuvenating drink


Cola, pink guava puree, vodka, glucose syrup, key lime puree, sodium benzoate, citric acid

Bourbon Pineapple

330ml, 7% ABV

A balanced tropical blend of sweet and sour, the Bourbon Pineapple is a refreshing cocktail that provides an elevated experience through final notes of a mysterious, hint of spice from the firewater bitters. An easy drink with a complex afterthought, this cocktail will be sure to kick up a conversation with friends.


Carbonated water, pineapple juice, bourbon, glucose syrup, key lime puree, firewater bitters, sodium benzoate, citric acid




Single Can


Carton of 6 Cans

Carton of 24 Cans $229

For more information, please email sales@zoukclub.com

Now available at select supermarkets:

Market Place: Tanglin, Raffles, Paragon.⁠

Cold Storage: Plaza Singapura, Jelita, Kallang LP,

Causeway Point 2, Compass One, Great World City.


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